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Human resources are amongst the most difficult targets to address. Yet they have a key involvement in each company, and their decision power has to be considered when selecting an HR contact file. Depending on your business and if you want to expand your business, then you will have to address them!

Avoid loss of time for building your database, choose a cost-effective solution: buy a HR file. This is the insurance to saves time. Mailing Lowcost proposes pre-completed lists, for immediate use after purchase.

Each DRH file we propose includes all coordinates of each prospect including e-mail addresses for 60 % of the list. You thus have the guarantee to perfectly target your communication and increase the number of your customers. You can therefore focus on your business without spending too much time on your communication activities.

We also offer additional services such as sending your mailings, either by fax, mail or e-mail. Thus, the search for new customers becomes a breeze for your company!

Primary and secondary establishments. 28000 Postal addresses and 22,000 email addresses. File with names of HR Director and managers of all HR services functions.

Description: HR / Personnel Manager file: ADMNISTRATIVE AND FINANCE MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCES 61284 33139 Company Name, Address, Tel / Fax, NAF Code, generic email address and SIRET number (name of HR manager , landline, function).
The file is a localized and qualified file Lease Rate:
- Simple Emailing: 80 € HT mile
- Post mailing: € 95 HT per 1000
- Purchase: please contact us

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This file includes 0 addresses.

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As an help you can download NAF and descriptions here : Codes NAF

europe This prospect base is also available for other european countries. Contact us for prices.

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