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CFO file

They are the decision makers of each company, often present in large accounts, but also increasingly in smaller structures. If they are part of companies that you are targeting to expand your customer base and in fact your business, then favor targeted contacts, to avoid loss of time. Nothing is simpler: purchase a DAF file already completed and, more important up to date.

You can then run all your communication activities with these lists in a matter of minutes. CFO files provided by Mailing Lowcost are regularly updated, all contacts including over 60 % of e -mail address. You can use these files immediately after purchase, allowing you to quickly route take advantage of your communication tools to find new clients and therefore expand your business.

Do you want to know more about the content and how to use of this CFO file? Contact us. We also offer other files categorized by function or business domain, meeting all your needs. We also help you setting up your sales prospection activities with our mailing Services by fax, mail or e-mail. You can also trust us for designing these different media.

CFO and finance departments file

Using the DAF and financial directions file, you have access to the decision makers in budget planning, accounting, purchasing and investments. Contacts:
- Financial Managers (CFO) and administrative managers
- financial Officer
- Directors / Managers of management control; Budgetary Control
- Executive Directors
- Directors / Chief Procurement LEGAL FILE File Emails accountants : Full details and emails of French accountants for direct mailing, telemarketing or your email campaigns . 19,000 addresses - 19,000 Emails

File detailsAmount of addresses
This file includes 0 addresses.

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As an help you can download NAF and descriptions here : Codes NAF

europe This prospect base is also available for other european countries. Contact us for prices.

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Download NAF and descriptions here : excel